Your Bathroom

A New Look and Function

  • Start with bathroom design planning
  • Consider a complete remodel
  • Make small but significant changes


Bathrooms tend to be some of the most frequently used rooms in any house, and all that hard use results in a lot of wear and tear, as well as water damage and mold growth. If you have decided to upgrade your bathroom, then you are in a prime position to improve both the function and value of your home.

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First, Make a Plan

Before you begin, it helps to know how you should proceed with a bathroom remodel. Start by setting a budget and timeline for the project. Then you can brainstorm design ideas, develop lists of bathroom needs, and create vision boards for how you want your space to feel. You can also use a free bathroom planner online to help you determine the type of layout and aesthetic you like best.

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Look at Overall Function

You may be itching to replace last century’s pink wall tiles, but you should address your bathroom’s function before its form. Since moisture is a constant feature in this room, make sure you have proper ventilation and drainage systems installed. It is also essential that the plumbing and electrical systems are operating efficiently and safely. Improving poorly functioning areas now will make you happier in the long run.

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Small Upgrades Go a Long Way

You do not necessarily have to rip out your shower to make significant changes to your bathroom. It is often possible to make simple tweaks that still fit the spirit of your design. Tub retrofit kits allow placing a new surface over the old one. Replacing outdated hardware can transform a neutral-looking vanity, while swapping in a new light fixture can give you some fresh perspective on the strengths of the space.


Saving money with several smaller upgrades can leave you more room to make one larger improvement that creates a strong impact. For example, you can upgrade to a more water-efficient toilet, or even go ahead and replace that pink tile with a more palatable shade. Through careful planning and strategic allocation of your resources, you can remodel your bathroom into a space that works perfect for you.